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Stella’s Story

Stella was born in Indiana on October 13, 2013, and she was very loved by her breeder who wanted to get her help and she had been told by a vet to put her down and she would have no quality of life. They knew this was not an option and Stella had such a spark for life! They had a friend in Texas that wanted to try and help her so off to Texas she went. Once in Texas, she was seen by another vet with discouraging news. So after being diagnosed with having a crushed vertebra and no hip sockets they knew it was more than they could handle and contacted Bulldogs with Special Needs for help.  BWSN is a nonprofit rescue group that has helped bulldogs all over the US with special needs  

I had been following the group Bulldogs with Special Needs on Facebook for several months and knew at some point I wanted to be able to help one of these babies. In early January of 2014, I saw a picture of a bulldog puppy that was in need of a home and I fell in love and it just so happened that this puppy was only about an hour from us. We applied to adopt her and we were approved. I picked up my youngest son from school and we took off to pick her up. He said I think we should name her “Stella”.  I said that is perfect and thought of the movie “Stella Gets Her Groove Back”. I had never seen this movie but I knew in my heart Stella would get her groove back!

Stella came to us at 12 weeks old, on January 9, 2014. When we got her we took her to a vet that had experience with bulldogs and he diagnosed her with swimmer puppy syndrome and told us he thought we could get her walking.  So with that, her journey began! You can find her on Facebook  at